Stage 1: Pack Your Box

Step by step instructions to pack your things begins with picking the correct box. You need a crate that will close level when full yet hold enough cushioning to ensure your substance. Boxes cost less to mail in the event that they can be handled utilizing computerized mail-preparing hardware. …more

Stage 2: Address Your Package

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The location organize for a crate is the equivalent with respect to envelopes. Compose or print address marks unmistakably. Utilize ink that doesn’t spread and incorporate your arrival address and ZIP Codes™ for you and your beneficiary. …more

Stage 3: Choose a Mail Service

The most ideal approach to send your bundle relies upon how rapidly you need it to arrive and its size and weight. USPS has an assortment of mail administrations, diverse conveyance speeds, bundle sizes, and additional items like following and protection. …more

Stage 4: Calculate and Apply Postage

Redress postage enables your bundles to touch base on time. Delivery costs rely upon a few elements. You can enter your bundle data into the USPS Postage Calculator to get postage costs for various administrations. …more

Stage 5: Ship Your Package

Where to mail your container relies upon its size and where you live. You can ask with the expectation of complimentary bundle pickups, drop little bundles in a blue accumulation box, visit the Post Office®, or leave your crate with an Approved Postal Provider®.

In the event that your bundle weighs under 13 oz, you may utilize postage stamps and complete one of the accompanying:

Placed it in your letter box for transporter pickup.

Drop it in a blue gathering box or hall area.

Demand a free pickup.

In the event that your bundle gauges more than 13 oz and you’re utilizing postage stamps, you should take it to a Post Office retail counter to send it.

NOTE: If you placed it in your post box for pickup benefit, the bearer will abandon it. In the event that you drop it in a blue gathering box or anteroom area, it will be come back to you.
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Timetable a Package Pickup

Spare time sending your bundles with USPS bundle pickups.

Free Package Pickup

Bundle Pickup amid normal mail conveyance is free paying little respect to the quantity of things planned for pickup. USPS as a rule gets your bundle on the following conveyance day or another assigned day.

Pickup on Demand®

In the event that you need your bundles got at a particular time, for a charge, the Post Office will get your shipment inside a booked 2-hour duration


Snap N-Ship

Stamps and Supplies
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Compute a Price

Timetable a Pickup

Look Into a ZIP Code™

Discover a USPS Location

Find out About

Mailing and Shipping

Sending Mail

Sending Packages

Protection and Extra Services

Delivery Restrictions

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Web based Shipping

Making Mail and Stamps

Cash Orders

Cases and Refunds

Mail and Shipping Services

Need Mail Express

Need Mail

Top of the line Mail

Military and Diplomatic Mail

Inquiry or Enter a Tracking Number

Skip Track and Manage Links

Track and Manage

Skirt Postal Store Links

Postal Store

Skip Business Links

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Sending Packages

Getting ready Domestic Shipments

Send household bundles effectively with USPS®. Appropriately setting up your crates will get them where they’re going on time and spare you cash. For how to send a letter or postcard, see Sending Mail. For mail and bundles sent from and to the U.S., see Preparing International Shipments. Client utilizing 2 broad clear bundling tape to fortify box creases.

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Step by step instructions to Ship a Package